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a & a A band A battery A board A check a chicken in every pot a cold day in July A cup a cut above a damn sight a day late and a dollar short a fat lot A flat a fuck sight A game a good deal a great deal a hair past a freckle a hair's breadth a hoot and a holler a hundred and ten percent A level a life of its own A list a little from column A and a little from column B a little from column A, a little from column B a lot A major A minor A minus A plot A plus a priorism a quick drop and a sudden stop a riddle wrapped up in an enigma A road a Roland for an Oliver A roll A sharp A Special a sprat to catch a mackerel A team a thing or two A to B travel a to z A to Z A* a** a**e a**hole A+ A- A-1 A-106 A-109 A-2 A-3 A-32 A-4 A-5 A-6 A-60 A-68 A-7 A-B loop A-bomber a-fib A-flat A-flat major A-flat minor A-frame A-game A-gang A-gay a-h conduction time A-H conduction time a-hole A-level A-levels A-life A-Life a-life A-lifer A-line A-list A-lister A-minor a-mothering A-per-se A-pillar A-post A-road a-schwa A-sharp a-sharp A-sharp major A-sharp minor A-shirt A-side a-stem A-T A-team A-type conflict a-word A. a. A. G. I. A. S. I. a. u. A. U. S. A. A.A. A.A. Ag. A.A.C.C.A. A.G.I. a.l. A.L.J. A.M. A.S.I. A.U. a.u. A.U.S.A. A.W.O.L. a.w.o.l. A/3C A/3c A/A a/a A/B testing A/C a/c A/N A/S A0 A1 A1/C A10 a11y A1C A2/C A2/c A20 gate A2AD A2C A2S A3 A3C A4 A440 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 AA a'a aa aa & a AA&A AAA aaa AAA-CPA AAAA AAACE AAAD AAAEE AAAH AAAI AAAIP AAAIS AAALAC AAAM AAAN AAAOC AAARC AAAV AAB aab aabfs aaBm AABNCP aabomycin aabp AABSHIL AAC aac AACFT aacm AACO aacp AACS AACSM aacu AACV AAD aad aad wife AADA

aada AADC AADCCS AADCP aah aak aal aalii AAM aam aandblom AAP aapa aard-vark aard-wolf aardvark aardwolf Aaron Aaronid Aaronite Aaron's beard Aaron's beard cactus Aaron's rod Aaron's-beard Aaron's-beard cactus aarthi aarti aasvoel aasvogel AAV AAV8 aavakaaya aavakaya aazaan AB ab Ab Ab Beth Din AB language ab-dabs ab. aba ABA form abaa abab Ababda Ababdeh ABAC abac abaca abacate abacavir abacaxi abacination abaciscus abacist aback abacomancy abacost abacter abaction abactor abaculus abacus abada abaddon abade Abadite abafungin abagovomab abagun abaisance abaiser abaisse abaka abaká abalienation abalone abamectin abamp abampere abandannaad abandannad abandon abandoned child syndrome abandoned habits abandoned property abandonedness abandonee abandoner abandoning abandonment abandonness abandonware abandum Abañeeme abanet abanga abannation abannition abanoquil abaptiston abarelix abarognosis abarthrosis abarticulation abas abasedness abasement abaser abashedness abashment abasi abasia abasia atactica abasia-astasia abasiophilia abassi abat-vent abat-voix abatacept abatage abate abatee abatelement abatement abater abating abatis abatjour abaton abator abatsons abattage abattis abattoir abature abatvoix abax abay abaya Abaza abazi Abazin abb abb wool abb-wool abb. abba Abba abbacination abbacy Abbadid abbaser Abbasi abbasi Abbasid Abbassid Abbasside abbat abbate abbatess abbatie abbaye abbe abbé Abbe condenser Abbe number Abbe refractometer Abbe-Zeiss apparatus abbess Abbethdin abbey abbey-lubber abbeystead abbeystede abbokinase abbot abbot general abbot nullius Abbot of Misrule abbot of the people Abbot of Unreason abbot on the cross abbot primate abbot-bishop abbotcy abbotess abbotric abbotrick abbotship Abbott-Miller tube Abbott's booby Abbott's method abbozzo abbr abbr. abbrev abbrev. abbreviate

abbreviated number abbreviater abbreviation abbreviationitis abbreviator abbreviature abbrevn abbrv. ABC ABC art ABC book abc conjecture ABC soil ABCD ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abciximab abcoulomb ABCP abdabs abdal abdelavi Abderhalden reaction Abderian Abderite abderitism abdest abdicant abdication abdicative abdicator abditory ABDL abdomen abdominal abdominal breathing abdominal cavity abdominal decompression abdominal evisceration abdominal fin abdominal gestation abdominal inguinal ring abdominal migraine abdominal muscle abdominal pore abdominal pouch abdominal quadrant abdominal reflex abdominal region abdominal respiration abdominal rib abdominal ring abdominal section abdominal wall abdominal-thrust maneuver abdominalgia abdominalia abdominocardiac reflex abdominocentesis abdominocyesis abdominodiaphragmatic breathing abdominohysterectomy abdominohysterotomy abdominoperineal resection abdominoplasty abdominoscopy abdominoscrotal muscle abdominothoracic arch abdominouterotomy abducens abducens labiorum abducens muscle abducens nerve abducens oculi abducent abducent nerve abductee abduction abductive reasoning abductor abductor oculi Abe abear abearance abearing abecarnil abecedarian Abecedarian abecedarium abecedarius abecedary abecediary abecedism abediterol abegha Abel test Abelam abele abelia Abelian Abelian algebra abelian algebra abelian group Abelian group abelianisation abelianization abelianness abelisaur abelisaurid abelisauroid abelisaurus Abelite abelite abelmosk abelmusk Abelonian abelsonite abeltree abelungu abelwhackets Abenaki abenakiite ABEND abend abendmusik abeng Abenlen Abenomics abequose abequosyltransferase aber-de-vine aberdavine Aberdeen Aberdeen cutlet Aberdeen hook Aberdeen terrier aberdevine Aberdonian aberduvine Aberginian aberic acid abernathyite Abernethy Abernethy biscuit Abernethy's fascia Abernethy's sarcoma aberrance aberrancy aberrant aberrant conduction aberratio lactis aberratio testis aberration aberrometer aberrometry Abert's finch Abert's pipilo Abert's squirrel Abert's towhee aberuncator Aberzombie abessive abessive case abet abetalipoproteinaemia abetalipoproteinemia abetment abettal abettance abettee abetter abetting abettor abevacuation abexinostat abeyance abeyancy abfarad Abgesang abgoosht abgusht abhal abhayamudra abhenry abhesive Abhidhamma Abhidharma abhinaya abhiseka abhisheka abhomination abhorrence abhorrency abhorrer abhorring abhurite abhyanga abhydrolase ABI abibliophobia

abid abidance abider abiding abiding place abiding-place abidingness Abidjani Abidjanian abience abies abietadiene abietane abietate abietene abietic acid abietin abietine abietite abietol Abiezrite abigail abigailship abigeat abilao abiliment abilitude ability ability grouping ability to pay abilla abilo abime abiocen abiocoen abiogenesis abiogenesist abiogenist abiogeny abiology abioseston abiosis abiosphere abiotrophy Abipón abir abiraterone abirritant abirritation abisetaoshi abishag abisselfa abitesartan Abitibi Abitur abitur Abiturient abiturient abiu abiyuch abjad abjad numeral abject abjectedness abjection abjectness abjudication abjugation abjunction abjuration abjuration oath abjuration of the realm abjurement abjurer abjuror abkar abkari abkary Abkhas Abkhasian Abkhaz Abkhazian Abl. ablactation ablaqueation ablastin ablatio ablatio placentae ablatio retinae ablation ablative ablative absolute ablative case ablativity ablator ablaut ablauting able able rating able seaman able whackets able-bodied seaman able-bodiedism able-bodiedness able-bodism able-bodyism able-bodyist able-mindedness ablegate ablegation ableism ableist ablen ableness ablepharia ablepharon ablepharon macrostomia syndrome ablephary ablepsia ablepsy ablet ablewackets ablewhackets abligurition ablism abluent ablukast ablution ablutioner ablutomania ablutophilia ablutophobia abluvion abmho abmigration Abnaki abnegation abnegator abnet Abney level abnormal abnormal psychology abnormalcy abnormalism abnormality abnormalness abnormity abo Abo ABO group abobioside abocclusion abococket abodance abode abodement aboding Abodrite abogado abogenin abohm aboideau aboiteau abolement abolisher abolishment abolition abolitiondom abolitionism abolitionist aboma abomasitis abomasum abomasus abominable snowman abominableness abominacioun abominatio abomination abominator abondance Abongo abonné abonnement abood aboon aboospore Abor abord abordage aborigen aborigin aboriginal Aboriginal Aboriginal American Aboriginalism Aboriginalist aboriginality aboriginalness Aborigine

Aborigine aborigine aborsement abort abortation abortee aborter aborticide abortient abortifacient abortin abortion abortion pill abortion tourism abortionee abortionism abortionist abortive abortiveness abortment abortogenic abortorium abortuary abortus abortus fever Abotrite aboulia aboulomania aboundance aboundaunce abounder aboundingness About box about face about page about sledge about turn about-face about-sledge about-turn aboutness aboutsledge above above-stairs aboveground aboveness abovestairs Aboyne dress abozzo Abp. abp. ABR abr. abra abra-cadabra abracadabra abrachia abrachiocephalia abrachiocephaly abradant abrader Abraham Abraham cove abraham grains Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln hat Abraham man Abraham Newland Abraham sham Abraham suit Abraham work Abraham-cove Abraham-man Abrahamism Abrahamist Abrahamman Abraham's balsam Abraham's willing Abram Abram cove Abram man Abram sham Abram work Abram-cove Abram-man Abramman abranchialism abranchiata abranchiate Abrasax stone abraser abrash abrasin oil abrasiometer abrasion abrasion platform abrasive abrasive disc abrasive paper abrasiveness abrasor abrasure abraum Abraum salts abraxas abrazo abreaction abrecock Abrek abrenunciation abreption abreugraphy abreuvoir abri abricock abridgement abridger abridgment abrin abrine abroad abrocome abrocomid abrogation abrogator abronia abrosia abrotanum abrotine abrupt abruptio placentae abruption abruptness Abruzzi ware Abruzzian ABS brake absalonism Absaroka Absaroke Absarokee abscess abscess root abscessation abscession abscisate abscisic acid abscisin abscision absciss absciss layer abscissa abscissin abscissio infiniti abscission abscission layer abscission zone absconce abscondence absconder absconding abscondment absconsio absconsion abscotchalater ABSD abseil abseiler absement absence absence of mind absence seizure absency absent absent referent absent treatment absent voter absent-minded professor absent-mindedness absentation absentee absentee ballot absentee ownership absentee vote absentee voter absentee voting absenteeism absenteeist absenteeship absenter absentia absentia epileptica absentment absentmindedness absentness absenty absey absey book absey-book absidiole absimilation

absinth absinthate absinthe absinthe green absinthe oil absinthe yellow absinthiin absinthin absinthism absinthites absinthium absinthol absis absistence absit absolute Absolute absolute address absolute advantage absolute alcohol absolute altimeter absolute altitude absolute assembler absolute blocking absolute ceiling absolute code absolute complement absolute constant absolute deviation absolute drought absolute ego absolute endorsement absolute error absolute fee simple absolute form absolute humidity absolute idea absolute idealism absolute impediment absolute instruction absolute instrument absolute loader absolute magnitude absolute majority absolute mean absolute monarchy absolute music absolute of enfleurage absolute personal equation absolute pin absolute pitch absolute power absolute pressure absolute privilege absolute reality absolute right absolute scale absolute space absolute space-time absolute state absolute superlative absolute system absolute temperature absolute term absolute threshold absolute time absolute unit absolute value absolute weight absolute zero absoluteness absolution absolutisation absolutism absolutist absolutive case absolutization absolvement absolvent absolver absolvitor absolvitur absolviture absorbability absorbance absorbancy absorbant absorbate absorbed dose absorbedness absorbefacient absorbency absorbent absorbent cotton absorbent ground absorbent paper absorber absorberman absorbition absorbtance absorbtivity absorptance absorptiometer absorptiometry absorption absorption band absorption cell absorption coefficient absorption costing absorption dynamometer absorption edge absorption factor absorption hygrometer absorption line absorption nebula absorption of radiation absorption pipette absorption spectrum absorption system absorptiveness absorptivity absquatulation absquatulator abstainer abstainment abstemiousness abstenance abstention abstention doctrine abstentionism abstentionist abstentiousness abstergent abstersion abstersive abstersiveness abstinence abstinence of war abstinence only abstinence ring abstinence syndrome abstinence theory abstinence-only abstinency abstinent Abstinent abstract abstract algebra abstract art abstract class abstract data type Abstract Expressionism abstract expressionism abstract expressionist abstract factory class abstract factory pattern abstract harmonic analysis abstract idea abstract interface abstract language abstract method abstract model abstract music abstract nonsense abstract noun abstract number abstract of title abstract publication abstract term abstract type abstract universal abstract verb abstractedness abstracter abstracticism abstractification abstraction abstractionism abstractionist abstractiveness abstractness abstractor abstractum abstriction abstruseness abstrusion abstrusity absumption absurd absurdism absurdist absurdity absurdness absurdum abswurmbachite absynthe Abt system abthain abthane Abu Dhabian

abugida abukumalite abulia abun Abun abuna abundance abundancy abundant number abundant year abundary abundaunce abune abunidazole abura aburaage aburachan seed aburagiri abusability abusage abuse abuse of discretion abuse of distress abuse of notation abuse of process abuseability abusee abusefulness abusement abuser abusio abusion abusiveness abusua abutilon abutiloside abutment abuttal abutter abvolt abwab abwatt abwe abydocomist abylid abyme abysm abyss abyssal fish abyssal plain abyssal rock abyssal zone Abyssin Abyssinian Abyssinian banana Abyssinian cat Abyssinian gold Abyssinian primrose Abyssinian tea abyssochrysoid abyssolith abyssomicin abyssus abzyme ac Ac AC45 AC72 AC90 aca-fan acacatechin acacetin acacia acacia gum acacia veld Acacian acaciin acacin acacine acad acad. Acad. academe Academe academentia academese academia academian academic Academic academic art academic bulimia academic costume academic discipline academic freedom academic institution academic question academic year academical academicalism academicals academician academicianship academicism Academicism academicization academick academicking academisation academism Academism academist academization academy Academy Award academy blue academy board academy figure academy leader Academy of Sciences academy school acadesine acadialite Acadian chickadee Acadian flycatcher Acadian owl Acads. acafan acai açai açaí acai berry acajou acalculia acalculiac acaleph acalephae acalephan acalephe acalypha acalyptrate acamprosate acampsia acana acanaloniid acanth acantha Acanthad acanthaesthesia acanthaglycoside acanthamebiasis acanthamoeba acanthamoebiasis acantharian acanthella acanthesthesia acanthin acanthiomeatal line acanthion acanthisittid acanthite acanthizid acanthocephalan acanthocephaliasis acanthocephalid acanthoceratid acanthochitonid acanthoclinid acanthocyte acanthocytosis acanthodean acanthodian acanthodrilid acanthodriline acanthokeratodermia acanthology acantholysis acanthoma acanthoma adenoides cysticum acanthometrid acanthomorph acanthonotozomatid acanthopelvis acanthopodium acanthopore acanthopt acanthopteran acanthopteri acanthopterygian acanthor acanthorrhexis acanthosis acanthosis nigricans acanthosoma acanthosomatid acanthostyle acanthpelyx acanthrocyte acanthrocytosis acanthurid

acanthus acapnia acaprazine acapu Acapulco gold acapulcoite acara acarbia acarbose acardia acardiacus acardiacus acephalus acardiacus amorphus acardiacus anceps acardiotrophia acardite acardius acariasis acaricide acarid acaridan acaridiasis acarinosis acarminative Acarnanian acarodermatitis acarodomatium acaroid gum acaroid resin acarologist acarology acarophobia ACARS acarus acaryote acastid acatalasaemia acatalasemia acatalasia acatalectic acatalepsy acataleptic acatamathesia acataphasia acater acates acathexia acathexis acathisia acathist acathistus acatour acatry acaulescence acault acausality acavid ACC Accadian accedence acceder accedie accelerando accelerant accelerated depreciation accelerated erosion accelerated graphics port accelerated motion accelerating accelerating force accelerating universe acceleration acceleration clause accelerationism accelerationist accelerator accelerator card accelerator key accelerator mass spectrometry accelerin accelerogram accelerograph accelerometer accelerometry acceleromyograph acceleron accendibility accension accensor accent accent acute accent grave accent mark accentedness accentlessness accentologist accentology accentor accentuality accentuation accentuator acceptability acceptableness acceptance acceptance house acceptance test acceptancy acceptant acceptation acceptaunce accepted pairing acceptee accepter acceptilation accepting house acceptingness acception acceptivity acceptor acceptour acceptress access access code access control access control list access course access modifier access point access road access specifier access time access token access violation accessariness accessary accessary after the fact accessary before the fact accessibility accessibleness accession accession country accessit accessor accessorial accessorial services accessoriness accessorization accessory accessory after the fact accessory before the fact accessory breathing accessory cloud accessory equipment accessory fruit accessory mineral accessory nerve accessory pigment accessory shoe accessway acciacatura acciaccatura accidence accident accident and emergency accident blackspot accident of birth accident waiting to happen accidental accidental abortion accidental chord accidental color accidental colour accidental light accidental point accidentalism accidentalist accidentality accidentalness accidentologist accidentology accidie accipenser accipient accipitary accipiter accipitrary accipitrid accipitrine accismus acclaim acclaimer acclamation acclimatation acclimatement acclimation acclimatisation acclimatisation society acclimatiser acclimatization acclimatizer

acclimator acclimature acclivity accolade accollé accoma accombination accommodability accommodableness accommodatedness accommodateness accommodation accommodation address accommodation bill accommodation ladder accommodation on arrival accommodation paper accommodation train accommodationism accommodationist accommodativeness accommodator accomodator accompagnato accompanier accompaniment accompanist accompanying accompanyist accomplice accompliceship accomplicity accomplisher accomplishment accomplition accompt accomptant accomptaunt accord accordance accordancy accordeon accorder accordion accordion file accordion pleat accordionist accordment accost accosting accostment accouchement accoucheur accoucheurship accoucheuse account account book account code account executive account manager account payable account receivable account statement accountability accountability partner accountable depot disbursing officer accountable mail accountable officer accountable property officer's bond accountableness accountancy accountant accountant general accountant's lien accountantship accounter accountholder accounting accounting cost accounting machine accounting period accounting profit accountment accounts payable accounts receivable accouplement accouri accouterment accouterments accoutrement accrease accreditation accredition accreditive accreditment accreditor accrementition accrescence accreter accretion accretion disc accretion disk accretion of lithosphere accretion shock accretionary prism accretionary wedge accretor accrimination accroachment accrobranching accroides accrual accrual bond accrue accruement accruer accrument acct accubation accultation acculturalization acculturation accumbency accumbent accumbrance accumulated depreciation accumulatio accumulation accumulation point accumulativeness accumulativity accumulator accuracy accurateness accursedness accusal accusant accusatio accusation accusative accusative case accusative-case accusativeness accusativity accusativus cum infinitivo accusator accusatour accusatrix accuse accused accusee accusement accuser accuseress accusing accusor accusour accustom accustomance accustomedness accustomization ACD ACE ace ace boon coon ace in the hole ACE inhibitor ace of aces ace of clubs ace of diamonds ace of hearts ace of spades ace up one's sleeve aceanthrylene acebrochol aceburic acid acebutolol acecainide acecarbromal aceclidine aceclofenac acedapsone acedia acediasulfone acedoben acedoxin acefluranol acefurtiamine acefylline aceglatone aceglutamide Acela Republican aceldama acellularity acellularization acelom acemannan acemetacin acenaphthene

acenaphthoquinone acenaphthylene acene acenesthesia aceneuramic acid acenocoumarin acenocoumarol aceology aceperone acephal acephalan acephalia acephalism acephalist Acephalite acephalobrachia acephalocardia acephalocheiria acephalochiria acephalocyst acephalogasteria acephalopodia acephalorrhachia acephalostomia acephalothoracia acephaly acephate acephenanthrene acephobia acepromazine aceprometazine acequia acequia madre acequinoline acer acerate acerathere acerbation acerbitude acerbity acerentomid acerogenin acerola acerra aceruloplasminemia acervatio acervation acervulus aces and eights aces and spaces acescence acescency acescent acesulfame acesulfame K acesulfame potassium acesulphame acetable acetabular labrum acetabulectomy acetabuloplasty acetabulum acetachlor acetal acetaldehyde acetaldehydemia acetaldoxime acetalization acetamid acetamidase acetamide acetamidine acetamido acetamidoacrylate acetamidobenzoate acetamidocinnamate acetaminophen acetaminosalol acetamiprid acetan acetanilid acetanilide acetanisole acetarsol acetarsone acetary acetate acetazolamide acetenyl acetergamine acetic acid acetic alcohol acetic aldehyde acetic anhydride aceticoceptor acetification acetifier acetimeter acetimetry acetin acetiromate acetoacetate acetoacetic acid acetoacetyl acetoarsenite acetobacter acetocarmine acetochlor acetoclastis acetogen acetogenesis acetogenin acetohexamide acetohydroxamic acid acetohydroxy acid acetohydroxyacid acetoin acetokinase acetol acetolactate acetolactic acid acetolysis acetomenaphthone acetometer acetonaemia acetonæmia acetonaphthone acetone acetone peroxide acetonemia acetonide acetonitril acetonitrile acetonuria acetoorcein acetophenazine acetophenetidin acetophenide acetophenone acetorphan acetorphine acetosity acetosulfone acetosyringone acetotartrate acetous acid acetowhitening acetoxolone acetoxy acetoxyacetylaminofluorene acetoxycrenulatin acetoxyketobemidone acetoxymethyl acetoxypalladation acetozone acetphenetidine acetract acetrizoate acetrizoic acid aceturate acetyl acetyl chloride acetylacetonate acetylacetone acetyladenylate acetyladonitoxin acetylajmaline acetylamino acetylaminofluorene acetylaminopeptidase acetylandromedol acetylase acetylation acetylator acetylcarbromal acetylcarnitine acetylchitooligosaccharide acetylcholine acetylcholine chloride acetylcholine receptor acetylcholinesterase acetylcysteine acetyldigitoxin acetyldigoxin acetyldihydrocodeine acetylene acetylene black acetylene torch acetylenecarboxylic acid acetylenediol acetylesterase acetylferrocene acetylgalactosamine acetylgalactosaminidase acetylgalactosaminide acetylgalactosaminyl acetylgalactosaminylphosphotransferase acetylgalactosaminyltransferase acetylgitaloxin acetylglucocoroglaucigenin

Tabela hiragana completa[editar]


The gojūon table[editar]

The table below shows the gojūon table with all hiragana characters, except alternative versions such as small characters or with diacritics, as they are most commonly organized.

Hiragana gojūon table
Row A
Row I
Row U
Row E
Row O
Section A (あ行)
Section KA (か行)
Section SA (さ行)
Section TA (た行)
Section NA (な行)
Section HA (は行)
Section MA (ま行)
Section YA (や行)
Section RA (ら行)
Section WA (わ行)

Iroha ordering system[editar]

Another ordering system is the iroha, based on a Japanese poem that, if written in hiragana, each character appears exactly once, similarly to a pangram:


Orthographic variations[editar]

Hiragana characters with diacritics[editar]


Small forms[editar]

These are hiragana characters written in small size. They often serve functions different from those of their normal-size counterparts.

Normal size
Small size

Additional symbols[editar]


Hasta siempre[editar]

Aprendimos a quererte
desde la histórica altura
donde el Sol de tu bravura
le puso cerco a la muerte.
Aquí se queda la clara,
la entrañable transparencia,
de tu querida presencia,
Comandante Che Guevara.
Tu mano gloriosa y fuerte
sobre la Historia dispara
cuando todo Santa Clara
se despierta para verte.
Aquí se queda la clara,
la entrañable transparencia,
de tu querida presencia,
Comandante Che Guevara.
Vienes quemando la brisa
con soles de primavera
para plantar la bandera
con la luz de tu sonrisa.
Aquí se queda la clara,
la entrañable transparencia,
de tu querida presencia,
Comandante Che Guevara.
Tu amor revolucionario
te conduce a nueva empresa
donde esperan la firmeza
de tu brazo libertario.
Aquí se queda la clara,
la entrañable transparencia,
de tu querida presencia,
Comandante Che Guevara.
Seguiremos adelante,
como junto a ti seguimos,
y con Fidel te decimos:
«¡Hasta siempre, Comandante
Aquí se queda la clara,
la entrañable transparencia,
de tu querida presencia,
Comandante Che Guevara.
Letra traduzida
Aprendemos a querer-te
desde a histórica altura
onde o sol de tua bravura
lhe pôs um cerco à morte.
Aqui, fica a clara,
a íntima transparência
de tua querida presença,
Comandante Che Guevara.
Sua mão gloriosa e forte
sobre a história dispara
quando toda Santa Clara
se desperta para ver-te.
Você vem queimando a brisa
com flores da primavera
para instalar a bandeira
com a luz de teu sorriso
Seu amor revolucionário
te leva a nova empresa
onde espera a firmeza
de teu braço libertário
Vamos seguir para a frente
como junto a si seguimos
e com Fidel te dizemos:
"Até sempre, Comandante!"


en:Appendix:List of Proto-Indo-European nouns

Raiz Significado Derivados
*ḱerh₂- crânio latim cerĕbrum(la); russo череп(ru); prussiano antigo kerpetis; grego antigo kare; avéstico sarah; sânscrito शिरस्(sa); armênio antigo սար; bretão kern; alemão Hirn(de); nórdico antigo hjarni; persa /sar; tocariano /krāñi; ossétio sær; albanês krye(sq); curdo sar
*kaput- cabeça sânscrito कपुच्छल(sa) (kapucchala); latim caput(la); inglês head(en); inglês antigo heafod(ang); alemâo Haupt(de); nórdico antigo haufuð; gótico haubiþ; waziri kaparai
*pula- pelo sânscrito पूल(sa) (pula); irlandês ulcha(ga); latim pilus(la); grego antigo puligges/; curdo por
*h₃bʰrúHs sobrancelha sânscrito भ्रू(sa)(bhrû); lituano bruvis(lt); irlandês bruach(ga); inglês brow(en); inglês antigo brū(ang); russo бровь(ru); macedônio antigo abroutes; grego antigo ophrus; alemão Braue(de); tocariano pärwāṃ/pärwāne; prussiano antigo wubri; polonês brew(pl); eslovaco brva(sk); eslavo eclesiástico antigo bruvi; servocroata obrve(sh); nórdico antigo brún; persa abru; pashto wridzëi; curdo brou
*h₂ṓws orelha hitita istāman; grego antigo ous; sânscrito usi; russo уши(ru); gótico auso; lituano ausis(lt); letão auss(lv); gaulês ausia-; latim auris(la); albanês vesh(sq); alemão Ohr(de); eslavo eclesiástico antigo ucho; eslovaco ucho(sk); macedônio уво(mk) ‎(uvo); irlandês au; avéstico usi; persa gaušā/guš; curdo guh/goh; inglês ear(en); inglês antigo éare(ang); nórdico antigo eyra; armênio antigo ունկն/masculino; prussiano antigo āusins; pashto ghwaž/ghwag; ormuri goi; sérvio uho(sr)/uvo(sr)
*h₃ekʷ- olho russo око(ru); latim oculus(la); tocariano ak/ek;armênio antigo ակն/աչք; sânscrito अक्षि(sa)/अक्षन्(sa); grego antigo ophthalmos; inglês eye(en); inglês antigo ēge(ang); alemão Auge(de); gótico augo; albanês sy(sq); lituano akis(lt); letão acs(lv); kamviri âčẽ; irlandês oineach(ga); galês enep(cy); eslavo eclesiástico antigo oko; nórdico antigo auga; polonês oko(pl); eslovaco oko(sk); prussiano antigo ackis; sérvio oko(sr)
*néh₂s- nariz sânscrito नस(sa) (nasa); latim nasus(la); russo нос(ru); lituano nosis(lt); letão nāss(lv)/deguns(lv); inglês nose(en); inglês antigo nosu(ang); avéstico nah; alemão Nase(de); kamviri nâsuṛ; prussiano antigo nazy; persa nāham; eslavo eclesiástico antigo nasu; eslovaco nos(sk); macedônio нос(mk) ‎(nos); nórdico antigo nös; ormuri nene; sérvio nos(sr); curdo poz
*h₃éh₁os boca sânscrito आसन्(sa) (âsan)/ आन(sa) (âna)/ ओष्ठ(sa) (ôśtha - "lábio"); avéstico aosta; latim os(la); lituano uostas(lt); letão osta(lv); russo уста(ru); eslovaco ústa(sk); macedônio уста(mk)/усни(mk) ‎(usta/usni); kamviri âša; prussiano antigo austo; inglês antigo ōr(ang); hitita aiš; nórdico antigo oss; sérvio usta(sr)
*leb- lábio latim labium(la) (labĭum); alemão Lippe(de)/Lefze(de); inglês lip(en); inglês antigo lippa(ang); curdo lêv; galês llefaru(cy); russo лобзать(ru); persa lab; lituano lūpa(lt)
*h₃dónts dente latim dens(la); grego antigo odous/donti; galês dant(cy); lituano dantis(lt); sânscrito dantam; armênio antigo ատամն; inglês tooth(en); inglês antigo tōþ(ang); alemão Zahn(de); gótico tunþus; russo десна(ru); eslovaco ďasno(sk) ("gengiva"); kamviri dut; persa dandān; caxemiri dãd; irlandês dét/déad(ga); nórdico antigo tǫnn; ossétio dændag; curdo didan/diran/digan
*dn̥ǵʰwéh₂s língua albanês giuha(sq); latim lingua(la); irlandês teanga(ga); inglês tongue(en); inglês antigo tunge(ang); gótico tuggo; nórdico antigo tunga; sânscrito जिह्व(sa) (jihvā); avéstico hizvā; russo язык(ru); eslovaco jazyk(sk); lituano liežuvis(lt); armênio antigo լեզու; alemão Zunge(de); curdo ziman; galês tafod(cy); kamviri dic; persa hizbāna/zabān; prussiano antigo insuwis; tocariano käntu/kantwo; pashto zhëba; sérvio jezik(sr)
*ǵénus bochecha; queixo latim gena(la); galês genou(cy); grego antigo genos; gótico kinnus; sânscrito हनु(sa) (hanu); avéstico zanu; lituano žandas(lt); letão zods(lv); frígio azon; tocariano śanwem; armênio antigo ծնաւտ; inglês chin(en); inglês antigo cin(ang); alemão Kinn(de); irlandês gionach(ga); nórdico antigo kinn; persa goune(h); macedônio antigo kanadoi; curdo gap
*ǵebʰ- mandíbula; maxilar irlandês gob(ga); alemão Kiefer(de); inglês jowl(en); inglês antigo ceafl(ang); nórdico antigo keptr; avéstico zafana; sérvio gubica(sr)
*smek- queixo irlandês smeach(ga); lituano smakras(lt); letão smakrs(lv); sânscrito श्मश्रु(sa) ("barba"; "bigode"); hitita zamakur; armênio antigo մաւրուք; albanês mjekër(sq); latim maxilla(la); sérvio osmeh(sr) ("sorriso")
*bʰardʰeh₂ barba lituano barzda(lt); letão bārda(lv); eslavo eclesiástico antigo brada; russo борода(ru); eslovaco brada(sk); macedônio брада(mk) ‎(brada); latim barba(la); inglês beard(en); alemão Bart(de); galês barf(cy); polonês broda(pl); nórdico antigo barðr; gótico da Crimeia Bars; sérvio brada(sr)
*moni pescoço sânscrito मन्या(sa) (manyā - "nuca"); latim monile(la) (monīle - "colar"); inglês mane(en); inglês antigo manu(ang); alemão Mähne(de); irlandês muin(ga); grego antigo mannon; galês mwnwgl(cy); gaulês maniakēs; nórdico antigo mǫn; avéstico minu; sérvio teme(sr)
*h₃émōs ombro grego antigo ōmos; sânscrito अंस(sa) (aṃsa); gótico ams; nórdico antigo ass; latim umerus(la) (umĕrus); tocariano es/āntse; armênio antigo ուս; pashto uža/uga; sérvio rame(sr)
*ḱub- ombro; quadril albanês sup(sq); alemão Hüfte(de); inglês hip(en); inglês antigo hype(ang); grego antigo κύβος (kubos); avéstico supti;; latim cubitus(la), sânscrito शुप्ति(sa) (śupti); gótico hups; galês gogof(cy); persa /šāne; sérvio kuk(sr)
*h₂erm- braço ossétio arm; armênio antigo արմուկն; latim armus(la); gótico arms; inglês arm(en); inglês antigo earm(ang); sânscrito ईर्म(sa) (irma); prussiano antigo irmo; eslavo eclesiástico antigo ramo; eslovaco rameno(sk); alemão Arm(de); nórdico antigo armr; grego antigo arthron/
*Heh₃l- cotovelo alemão Elle(de); gótico 𐌰𐌻𐌴𐌹𐌽𐌰(got); grego antigo ōlenē; armênio antigo ոլոք; latim ulna(la); lituano uolektis(lt); letão olekts(lv); russo локоть(ru)/ланита(ru) ("bochecha"); eslovaco lakeť(sk); macedônio лакот(mk) ‎(lakоt); sânscrito आणि(sa) (āṇi - "unha"); galês elin(cy); inglês ell(en); inglês antigo eln(ang); irlandês uille(ga); nórdico antigo aln; albanês llërë(sq)/llânë(sq); avéstico arəθna; prussiano antigo woaltis; eslavo eclesiástico antigo pakŭtĭ; polonês łokieć(pl); persa /āran; sérvio lakat(sr); curdo anishk
*dows- antebraço sânscrito दोस्(sa); avéstico daoš; irlandês doíd(ga); lituano dilbis(lt); letão paduse(lv); russo пазуха(ru) ("busto"); persa دوش(fa) (doš - "ombro")
*ǵʰes- mão sânscrito hasta; avéstico zasta; curdo dast; lituano žastas(lt); latim praesto(la); hitita kessar; lício izre; luvita iššari-; grego antigo χέρι (khéri); armênio antigo ձեռն; kamviri düšt; albanês dorë(sq); pashto laas; sérvio šaka(sr)
*men- mão latim manus(la); grego antigo mane; inglês antigo mund(ang); alemão Vormund(de)
*h₃nogʰ- unha grego antigo onohos; sânscrito नख(sa)/नखर(sa); latim unguis(la); alemão Nagel(de); russo ноготь(ru); eslovaco neht(sk); macedônio нокт(mk) ‎(nokt); lituano nagas(lt); letão nags(lv); avéstico nakhara; armênio antigo եղունգն; galês ewin(cy); inglês nail(en); inglês antigo nægl(ang); persa ناخن(fa); eslavo eclesiástico antigo noguti; polonês nagietek(pl); irlandês ionga(ga); pashto nuk; ormuri nakhkche; sérvio nokat(sr); curdo nanuk
*pstḗn peito grego antigo stēthos; armênio antigo ստին; sânscrito stana; avéstico fštāna; lituano spenys(lt); letão spenis(lv); nórdico antigo speni; alemão Spanferkel(de); irlandês sine(ga); curdo sing; albanês gji(sq); prussiano antigo spenis; persa /pestan; inglês antigo spane(ang); russo перси(ru); sérvio prsa(sr)
*h₁ówHdʰr̥ úbere lituano ūdroti(lt); English udder(en); inglês antigo ūder(ang); alemão Euter(de); nórdico antigo jūgr; grego antigo outhar/; sânscrito ūdhar; latim uber(la) (ūber); russp вымя(ru); polonês wymię(pl); eslovaco vemä(sk); sérvio grudi(sr)/vime(sr); curdo guhan
*perḱ- costela eslavo eclesiástico antigo persi; lituano piršys(lt); sânscrito parśus; avéstico parəsu; curdo parsu; ossétio fars; sérvio rebro(sr)
*pog- colo sânscrito pakṣas; letão paksis(lv); latim pectus(la); russo пах(ru); tocariano päśśäṃ/päšcane
*h₃nebʰ- umbigo sânscrito nabhya; avéstico nāba; curdo navik; letão naba(lv); alemão Nabel(de); inglês navel(en); inglês antigo nafela(ang); nórdico antigo nafli; grego antigo omphalos; latim umbilicus(la) (umbilīcus); irlandês imbliu/imleacán(ga); caxemiro naf; prussiano antigo nabis; persa /nāf
*udero- útero; barriga latim uterus(la)/venter(la); grego antigo otheros; sânscrito udara; avéstico udaras; lituano vėdaras(lt); letão vēders(lv); alemão Wanst(de); pashto nas; servocroata utroba(sh); eslovaco útroby(sk)
*pisda vulva russo пизда(ru); lituano pyzda(lt); letão pīzda(lv); albanês pidh(sq); macedônio пичка(mk) ‎(pička); eslovaco piča(sk); sérvio pizda(sr)/pička(sr)
*pes- pênis grego antigo peos; latim penis(la) (pēnis); alemão Fasel(de); nórdico antigo fösull; inglês antigo fæsl(ang); sânscrito पसस्(sa); sérvio piša(sr)
*h₃erǵʰi- testículo grego antigo orkhēs; armênio antigo որձիք; irlandês uirge; lituano aržilas(lt)/eržilas(lt); erzelis(lv); avéstico ərəzi; albanês herdhe(sq)
*h₃ers- nádega grego antigo oura; armênio antigo ոռ; hitita arras; inglês arse(en); inglês antigo ears(ang); irlandês earr(ga); alemão Arsch(de); nórdico antigo ars
*ḱlowni- nádega latim clunis(la) (clūnis); nórdico antigo hlaun; kamviri slaunis; sânscrito श्रोणि(sa); avéstico sraoni; galês clun(cy); lituano šlaunis(lt); pashto kunattai
*kroksko- perna albanês krah(sq); lituano kirkaliai(lt); eslavo eclesiástico antigo krakǔ; russo окорок(ru); sânscrito kiṣku
*ǵónu joelho albanês gju(sq); latim genu(la) (genū); hitita genu; palaico ginu-; inglês knee(en); inglês antigo cnēo(ang); grego antigo gonu; sânscrito jānu; ilírico Genusus; alemão Knie(de); persa /zānu; nórdico antigo kne; avéstico znum; tocariano kanweṃ/kenīne; gótico kniu; armênio antigo ծունր/ծունկք; curdo chong; sérvio koleno(sr)
*kenk- calcanhar; rótula sânscrito kañkāla; lituano kenklė(lt); letão cinksla(lv); inglês heel(en); inglês antigo hēla(ang); nórdico antigo hǽll; sérvio čašica kolena(sr)
*persna- calcanhar sânscrito pārṣni; curdo pani; latim perna(la); hitita parsina; gótico fairsna; alemão Ferse(de); grego antigo πτέρνα (ptérna); inglês antigo fiersn(ang) ; persa /pāšne(h); lituano pentinas(lt); sérvio peta(sr)
*pṓds lituano pėda(lt); letão pēda(lv); latim pes(la) (pēs); úmbrio peři; sânscrito pāda; inglês foot(en); inglês antigo fōt(ang); armênio antigo ոտն; grego antigo podi; albanês poshtë(sq); tocariano peṃ/paiyye; ossétio fad/; alemão Fuß(de); eslavo eclesiástico antigo pĕšĭ; russo пеший(ru); polonês pieszy(pl); eslovaco peši(sk); hitita patas; lício pede-; luvita pati-; avéstico pâdha; nórdico antigo fótr; curdo ; gótico fotus; persa /pa; gaulês candetum; macedônio antigo argiopus; pashto pša/pkha