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Hi Tvdm!

You wrote:

Could you please let me know if names of months in Portuguese are written
with a capital or not? Cause at pt.wikt I read 'Março', but at en.wikt I
read 'março'. Which one is correct?

Unfortunately, both. As you probably know, the Portuguese language has two official spelling systems. They are very, very similar, but there are some annoying differences, and the names of months is one of them. The Brazilian norm is to write them in lower case while (if I'm not mistaken) the European norm is to use upper case for the first letter.

And: are all months in Portuguese masculine?

Yes, at least on this the two norms agree... :-)

Oh, and by the way, the place to post general questions like this is the Esplanada.

--Valdir Jorge fala! Canadá 12h50min de 11 de junho de 2008 (UTC)

There is a small problem with the Portuguese language which in reality is standardised by Portugal and by Brazil: a language and two grammars ...
In Portugal (the Portuguese language in Europe) the names of the months shall begin with capital letters, but in Brazil (the Portuguese language in Brazil) they start with lowercase letters.
The names of the months are masculine nouns.

Hi both, thanks for your quick answers. At the Dutch Wiktionary, I'll maintain them with capitals, but I'll also add a note that there are two forms and what the differences are. Thanks again for your help (or as we say in Dutch: Bedankt voor jullie hulp.)! 14h17min de 11 de junho de 2008 (UTC)