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Origem: Wikcionário, o dicionário livre.
Nós damos boas-vindas aos estrangeiros!
English version of Wikcionário:Boas-vindas for who do not speak Portuguese.

Hello, newcomer! Welcome to the Portuguese edition of Wiktionary (Wikcionário, in Portuguese).

Beer parlour[editar]

The Portuguese version of the en:Wiktionary:Beer parlour is the Wikcionário:Esplanada, feel free to write in English.


There are well known differences in the written norms of pt_PT (Portuguese of Portugal) and pt_BR (Portuguese of Brazil). Both are accepted in this Wiktionary, therefore please avoid (or limit) any changes between pt_PT and pt_BR or vice-versa. Typically an entry that was introduced in one of these norms should be preserved for consistency. Lexical differences should ideally be documented whenever there are marked divergences between the two varieties. Purely orthographic changes are discouraged.

Sysop's (Admins)[editar]

We have a sysop package, 24h/7. They don't sleep, they don't eat...


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Delete requests

{{rfd}} {{apagar|date-of-vote-end}} Don't forget to add a vote for the page at WC:PE
{{delete}} {{ER|1=reason code|2=~~~~|3=explanation}} See WC:ER for Speedy Deletion rules


{{stub}} {{Esboço}} Stub, Esboço

Specific cases

? {{ER|1=0|2=~~~~|3=My bad!}} Did you make a mistake? Just request speedy deletion!

For a full list of templates see Categoria:!Predefinição para páginas com problemas.


So you are going to run an interwiki bot here?

Well, that's actually ok! Go right ahead, but you should know this:


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